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  • Next level training and teaching

    Our courses help coaches reach the next level in their teaching careers

  • Optimize your performance

    Personalized programs designed by GFM will allow you to unlock your full potential

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    Our group chat features let coaches communicate and help each other in their training journey

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  • Access

    Gain access to a personal network of experts that provide unlimited interactive support 24/7

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    We offer coaches training and official certification for coaches looking to grow their knowledge and skills

  • Understanding

    Our video analysis platform helps coaches understand their strengths and areas of potential growth

  • Community

    Learn from other coaches and work together to get input and feedback from our global GFM network

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  • 400+ members on our education platform

  • 105+ educators certified

  • 15+ international GFM fencers

  • 1 Online Coaching Education Program of the Year nomination


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We make coaches education effortless and digestible for coaches across the globe. Using our team of GFM professionals, we offer courses and personalized training to help every coach to fuel their fencing dream.
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